This blog is about life, of finding ways to juggle all the small mustard seeds in life.

It is a blog about recognizing the small things in life and the small ways that we relate to others.

This blog is about having faith to plant our small mustard seeds.

It is a blog about choosing to plant small seeds in different places and lives.

This blog is about investing in watering our mustard seeds.

It is a blog about intentional relationships, lifelong learning and overcoming barriers to growth.

This blog is about resting in the shade of the mustard trees.

It is a blog about recognizing the work that God is doing and has done in the world. It is about resting in the shade provided by him,  in community with others and in the joy of watching other people’s mustard trees grow.

This blog is about a journey of a family from Australia to Cambodia. It is my attempt to keep a record of the journey, to process our experiences and to have you share this journey with me.